Fun Facts About Recife

Recife is a City in Brazil, and it is the capital of Pernambuco city. It has a population of around 3.9 million inhabitants who are called recifenses, and it covers an area of 218 km². It is the fifth largest city in the metropolitan area in Brazil. There are numerous reasons you should get curious about this city. Below are fun facts about Recife.


  • Population- 3.9 million               • Language- Portuguese


Recife was among the initial settlement for Portuguese in Brazil. Firstly, they set up a business investment as they could not afford the initial capital to set up an offshore colony.


Later, the Dutch attacked the city and area which lead to Recife becoming the Dutch capital of Brazil.


The Americas first-ever Synagogue was located in Recife.


Most of the original Jewish community fled to either New Amsterdam ( modern New York) during the Dutch Anglo war resulting in the first Jewish settlement in the United States.


Due to its tumultuous past such as English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese, the city has an incredible wealth of all colonial architecture styles.


During the 2014 Brazilian World Football Cup, Recife was among the host cities of the tournament.


Recife comprises some of the best and famous Brazilian beaches.


The Bible is the only work of fiction allowed on public transport.


In the whole world, Recife has the highest consumption rate of scotch whiskey.


If you lack a sticker in homage to God or Jesus on your car, purchasing Gasoline will be more expensive by 30 percent. You definitely won’t find meditation information in Hindi here. 


In Recife, bubbles area commodity, thus agua com gas is more costly than agua sem gas by 50 percent.


In the past 25 years, the speed of weed has decreased by 40 percent in Recife.


Recife hosts two of the five largest shopping centers in the southern hemisphere or Latin America.


In Recife, pool is played instead of snooker on snooker sized tables because the game of snooker is considered to be too complicated.